Marketing cakes at Lola's Cupcakes

Since October 2015 I've been propelled into the world of cakes thanks to Lola's Cupcakes! In our small team of four, I hold the management keys. In short, this means I do all the nitty gritty planning for all our marketing campaigns.

In between tucking into one of my favourite salted caramel brownies, I'm not all about strategy and management...I run all the creative parts too! From social media, to PR and everything in between, I ultimately wave the flag for Lola's branding through copy, imagery and brand relationships on a multitude of platforms.

I've been lucky enough to deliver a slice of Lola's magic to the likes of
River Island, ASOS, Timeout, The Independent, Harper’s Bazaar and Metro. 

With names like that, it would be rude not to share! Let me show you a few bits and pieces I've worked on that are sure to wet your appetite! 

You may want to turn your sound off for these!

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