Where have I been? Life update

It's true, I've been quite absent over the past couple of months. Freelancing has taken a backseat while I try and work out the best career path for me. As you'll know from my last post, I left the cake world behind to join The Evening Standard as a Communications Manager. However. it became clear to me very early on that this wasn't for me.

I love food. I love the food industry and getting immersed in every single twist and turn the marketing world has to throw at me. Even in my spare time, I find myself tucking into a burger on my lunch hour at the nearest food stall, checking out the latest, most Instagrammable restaurants or snuggling up with my partner and a pint at a cosy gastro-pub. 

It's a shame, I felt incredibly embarrassed to leave a job after such a short amount of time, but I live by the mantra that if you're unhappy, do something about it. So I did just that. I moved on. 

It was by sheer chance and delight, that I am now working as an Assistant Marketing Manager at Subway! I've never been happier. Tipping into month 3 at the company has already seen me work on some pretty exciting projects. As they include confidential information, I'm unable to share these as part of my portfolio, but I can share that the wealth of knowledge and experience I'm surrounded by is a true inspiration.

Here's to Subway... and the future of my career! 

MeCharlotte Norris