Managing Gents of London's social media

Gents of London needed a little helping hand creating a strategy, content plan and some new and exciting snaps for both their barber shop, as well as the hair styling product range they had recently launched. So it was tasked to me to do just that! With a little creative freedom and a lot of time in the shop, playing around with hair products and swatting up on my barber -lingo, I strategised, planned and then created the following content. 

Here is a snippet of some of the social media performance to date. Based on previous performance, I was able to increase reach (2815 on the highest performing post) engagements (highest 12%) and profile visits (increased by 30 per day) within a very short period of time. A personal highlight is the store photo (below) which was also featured with the 'explore' section of Instagram, increasing organic following.