The one that went viral

This isn’t one I thought I’d be saying 5 weeks into my new role over at Accolade Wines, but I made something viral! To support a new product launch of the Echo Falls Rose and Gin Infusion, which was an exclusive at Co-op, I did what kind of felt obvious. I went to my local Co-op, looked like a pillock and took a photo of a bottle. And while we thought this was just a way to help us support the launch, this post absolutely blew up! It’s now been seen by our 3.6 million people (organically may I add) with 166,000 reactions, comments and shares.


That’s right, my image was shared by the likes of Pretty 52, The Sun, Cosmopolitan, Boohoo and Metro And all this coverage was also organic! Can you even believe it, because I certainly cannot! What a career highlight!