Maps for Moments and Star Name Registry Social Switch Up

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been on a star-filled journey managing the Star-Name-Registry and Maps for Moments social media accounts.

I was asked to put together a strategy for social media content, tone of voice, posting schedules and everything else in between. I also worked up a blog strategy for Star-Name-Registry as the brand want to become the star experts! It’s a great opportunity as none of their competitors are doing anything with their digital presence outside of social.

Then I executed my strategy! I created blog posts, a content calendar, and social media content, getting the wheels moving on all their pages! I’ve also been running mentoring sessions with their in-house social media manager, who has now taken over the channels and is working to the strategies I put in place.

Here’s a little selection of the photography and graphics I put together during this time:

But aside from all the pretty pictures, the results during this month were better than any of us ever imagined!

Star-Name-Registry’s Facebook post reach increased by 1471% during this period and their post engagements grew by 1343%. For organic social media content, which hasn’t been used or updated for some time, this was a great triumph, and a wonderful way to get their Facebook algorithm working better for them. The Instagram engagement rate was just as impressive, averaging out at 5.7%.

Maps for Moments saw similar success with 135% increase in reach and 96% increase in engagements on Facebook. This page wasn’t dormant beforehand, so this was quite a surge in one month! The Instagram engagement rate averaged out at 5.2%.

I also wrote up a blog post (and edited a few more), so if you fancy reading them, you can find them here.

I’m absolutely overjoyed with the work executed here and would love to help other businesses do the same. If you need a hand with social strategy, content or anything else in-between, drop me a line!